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Taina Pere

When it comes to buying goods online, consumers have a growing appetite for speedy delivery and greater convenience. We want our shopping to be easy, we prefer our products to be shipped in days, not weeks, and we want the goods delivered right to our doorstep. With global players arriving on the market, Posti is pushing Finnish e-commerce forward through an online platform called Smartpost.fi.


In the online world, Finns shop around the clock, just like the rest of the planet. Our shopping is slowly shifting to digital marketplaces where our demands are fulfilled immediately. In 2018, Finnish e-commerce sales are expected to reach 11.5% of all retail sales. Even though the proportion of online sales is still small, it is expected to grow remarkably in the future.

Taina Pere, Business Manager for Parcel Services at Posti, is responsible for making sure that Posti stays ahead of the e-commerce curve. With international players like Amazon and Zalando hitting the market, Pere is answering the growing e-commerce demand by creating a new digital platform called Smartpost.fi, bringing Finnish merchants and consumers together in the online world.


Smartpost.fi enables ordering different goods and services to the consumers’ doorstep. By combining the logistic chain and e-commerce knowhow of Posti, the platform helps make our everyday life smoother


The platform serves the changing consumer habits spot on. We are learning to take care of our everyday affairs online. We want convenience, simplicity and efficiency. That’s why Smartpost.fi enables ordering all kinds of goods and services, ranging from restaurant-quality meals to warm up at home, to everyday services, to all the products that you need from Monday to Sunday – be it toilet paper, dog food, or groceries. As the name suggests, the platform works in sync with Posti’s ubiquitous Smartpost lockers.

“Smartpost lockers are new types of multifunctional parcel lockers located in the lobbies of apartment buildings. They can be used for delivering and sending goods and services, for instance laundry. If you put your dirty laundry in the locker, it gets delivered to the laundry service and sent back to you when it’s ready. Smartpost lockers can also be used for shoe repairs, fixing mobile phone screens or other electronics, maintenance work, or even the Finnish library system,” Pere describes.





Envisioning a convenient future


The new version of the Smartpost.fi online platform will be launched during this summer. Along with the new version, Pere and her team are introducing home deliveries, making it ever more convenient to shop online.

Further down Smartpost.fi’s roadmap is a functionality called multi-vendor shopping cart. It means that in the future, consumers can purchase products from different merchants located in different places with just one delivery fee through the Smartpost.fi platform.

“Previously, this has been uncommon through Finnish e-commerce platforms. Being able to fulfil a single order from several merchants is our key advantage,” Pere says.


Welcome to the world of on-demand


Another interesting feature to be introduced later this year in Smartpost.fi is same-day delivery. As consumers become even more demanding, Posti is in a prime position to start utilizing its logistic fleet and deliver goods and services even faster to consumers’ doorstep.

Currently there are around 50 merchants on the Smartpost.fi platform, but Pere’s vision includes bringing even more merchants on board, extending the available assortment and creating a strong everyday core offering. For merchants, Smartpost.fi is an easy, turnkey solution to ecommerce. Even without an online store, a merchant can increase their sales through Smartpost.fi and benefit from traffic on the platform. Smartpost.fi is always on, and always connected.

 “We envision ourselves as the number 1 platform as we build and scale Smartpost.fi. As Posti is the biggest logistics player in Finland, I am excited to plan and create new models to help Finnish e-commerce grow and flourish in the future,” Pere says.

Never before have Finnish consumers been able to buy anything we want at any hour with a simple tap of a button. Welcome to the world of on-demand.

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