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What Is It Like to Work as a Developer at Posti?

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Steve Ballmer said it years ago: “Developers, developers, developers, developers!” Software developers are being sought with cats and dogs to join the ranks of enterprises big and small. Posti, Finland’s largest logistics company, is no different in that respect. So what is it like to work at Posti from a developer’s point of view? We talked with Aleksanteri Fagerholm, Junior Software Developer at Posti, to find out what life as a corporate coder actually looks and feels like.

Software developers have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a place to work. There are so many companies, enterprises, corporations, organizations and groups, teams and people looking for professionals equipped with coding skills that the demand is overwhelming. So what makes Posti a particularly great choice – among the many choices out there – for a developer?

We talked with Aleksanteri Fagerholm, 23, to gain some insight, as he is working at Posti as a Junior Software Developer and thus is taking the early steps in his career as a developer – having to choose from the multiple different job opportunities available for a professional programmer. 

So, Aleksanteri, let’s start from the beginning: how did you get a developer job at Posti?

Well, I was looking for programming opportunities at the end of my IT studies, and found that Posti had published an opening for a developer – actually it was a senior developer job. Nevertheless, I got really interested in the technologies that were listed in that job posting and was actually surprised that Posti’s tech stack was so modern. This is when I got very excited about the idea to work at a place where I could get to work using a modern approach to programming. That’s why I just had to apply, and luckily there was a need for a junior developer as well.

What was it like when you started as a front-end developer?

As soon as I started it was clear to me that development is very advanced and modern here at Posti. This was really impressive to me from the get-go. The work is done with high-quality tools in order to create high-quality services for our customers – everyone is clearly committed to providing the best possible end result.

Pretty early on, I got drafted into our Unbox Your Potential program where I could meet and network with other Posti recruits who are in a similar stage but working on many different things. This has allowed me to exchange thoughts with my peers about the different aspects of what Posti actually does, so I am not limited to following just my own track but get to see and discuss others’ viewpoints as well. This is a great way to spread knowledge and understanding.

What are you working on now?

Currently my main focus is what’s called the digital lifecycle of parcel deliveries. This means that I am focused on the experience and process of tracking where a parcel is at different stages and how our customers get to experience that in the digital dimension throughout the process. I have to say that one of my favorite things about the work is how quickly we are able to try out new ideas for improvement. For example, I can notice something that could be improved as a customer myself, and immediately get to discussing possible solutions with the product owner. And soon we will already be trying out a new approach or solution based on the open discussion and focus on what could make our customers’ experience better.

What do you like the most about working at Posti?

'The people and professionals! Designers, developers, Scrum Masters, product owners and everyone involved in the services we are working on. Everyone understands the big picture of where we are going and I feel that the atmosphere is very empathic and supportive.If we run across challenges, we are given time to solve them well. If there are design suggestions that could make the end result better, it’s easy to talk with our designers who will then see whether changes could be made. As long as the work we do benefits the customer and end user, that is what we are focused on.

As a developer I appreciate our technological know-how. All the way up to higher management, I can see that people have lots of experience and understanding on how to use new technology to solve the challenges we are facing. Our senior developers are very skilled and always happy to help their juniors. They create a support structure I can count on whenever I need it in my work.

And finally, what’s Next? What are you looking forward to in the future, in terms of Posti’s business and your role as a developer?

One important thing for me is that I have the opportunity to keep learning, definitely. Learning about our products, services and software development – and what ‘Posti the company’ is, how it works and how to keep improving everything we do and produce.

As for the future, specifically it is interesting to see where ecommerce is developing and growing next. Though, on a higher level, I am expecting a big impact from what we are building, because our philosophy is not to do one project after another, but instead work on the building blocks that make the change we want to achieve a reality.

Are you looking for a developer job in a modern and supportive environment where the work you do is both valued and understood? If yes, Posti could be the ticket for you! Check out our open positions and get in touch with us.

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