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This is the Posti Next Pledge

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This is what we believe in. This is our mission. This is why we are here.  This is not what you expect of us. But this is what we will deliver. This is our pledge to all of you out there. 

Follow us on our journey of discovery. Follow us as we delve into the newest trends, the biggest phenomena and the latest discussions. Posti Next is not about telling you what we think, it is about finding out together, about searching for answers and keeping an eye on what is coming next. 

Posti Next is not about what is now or what is real. Posti Next is about what is next and what could be. 

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Posti Next is a team effort; it is our people who create the change. As we write the next pages of our future, we are looking for talented, driven individuals with top skills in digital development, design, and marketing to join our community.

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Get to know some of our up-and-coming leaders and the projects they're working on.

User-Centric Design

Timo Korander

Head of Digital Consumer Services

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Invoices of the future

Inka Touru

Product Manager, Digital Services

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Building smart cities

Tommi Pekkala

Business Manager, Data Services

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