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A business manager, a designer and a data analyst explain what is it exactly that makes them tick as they work on Posti’s digital and traditional solutions. 

Tuija Åkerman, Business Manager, Consumer Mail

“When I first heard of this job a bit over a year ago, the two buzzwords that got me hooked were change management and problem solving. Since I came to Posti last October, the position has proved to be just that and so much more. 

I’m a Business Manager at the Consumer Mail segment at Posti, which means I work with Posti’s most well-known function: traditional snail-mail sent by private consumers. As the world changes with digitalisation, my job is to develop that business by either making the already existing things better or coming up with new.

My biggest project so far has been the Plus Sticker feature, which we launched in April. It’s a sticker that allows you to track the delivery of your letter through the OmaPosti app. Previously, such traceability has only been possible for letters sent via the post office, not ordinary letters dropped in a mailbox. 

The biggest challenge I get to solve in my job is to figure out how to add digital features to traditional letters for extra benefits but at the same time remind people of the importance of personal, touching communication that is made up of more than just bits on a screen. You know that warm feeling you get when you receive a Christmas card you didn’t know to expect? It reminds me that we are in the business of making people happy. And that’s what I want us to hold on to even as the world around us changes and we become more and more digital.”

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Vesa Honkonen, Data Analyst, Digital Commerce

“I have worked for a year as Data Analyst in the Data and AI team at Posti’s Digital Commerce unit. There is surprisingly driven, almost startup-like atmosphere in our department, which I like.

I work with customer analytics and reporting of different kinds of data sources. Posti has wealth of own information and other registers that can be utilized in many ways. My job is to make that information useful and report it in a clear and understandable format. That can mean anything from helping advertisers target their deliveries better to making customer profiles for our clients. A rather new, interesting data source is Posti Street Data, which monitors the condition of the road network with the help of artificial intelligence. 

I’m inspired by challenges that can only be overcome with advanced data processing tools and methods. For example, using predictive analytics to find the most potential customers for a campaign or working with anything new where I can reveal some previously undiscovered insights from. 

Fetching data from a new source, modifying and refining it, analyzing and reporting it and finally sharing it with a client – that’s the chain of data processing in its entirety. Mastering that chain, and even making parts of it automated, is very rewarding. You can sit back and relax as the information just flows as it should. The end result is easily digestible information that helps our customers in whatever they are doing.”

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Natasha Overell, UI/UX Designer, Digital Commerce

"I came to Posti as an UI Designer, but very quickly realized that working on UX and Service design would benefit Posti and challenge me more. My new-found passion, however, is inclusive design. I want to humanize technology and create services fit for everyone.

In my free time I teach the elderly to use digital services and electronic devices. Some of the elderly people that I teach have expressed that they would rather die than live in a world dominated by technology. As a tech professional this breaks my heart. Thus, my mission to make Posti’s digital services as people friendly and inclusive as possible began.

It’s rare to work in a company, where the target audience is the whole country – we need to understand that and not everyone is technologically savvy. Everyone has a limitation to what they are capable of physically, mentally or verbally – what I’m striving for is providing a digital service that regardless of your situation in life, you can use with ease. 

I have committed half of my working hours to building a case study of inclusive design. When I’m not busy researching the best design practices and testing our services, the rest of my time goes to a variety of design projects, one example being the OmaPosti App. Being the first full-time in-house designer in a team that is constantly expanding means being involved in a lot of different projects.

The best thing about Posti and my team is that you are given the space and time needed to fail, learn and grow as a professional.”

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