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The tech world is filled to the brim with funny abbreviations, strange expressions and down right nonsensical jargon. We aim to collect and explain the best bits so that YOU can speak fluent tech when you’re hanging out with the cool cats of Silicon Valley or Hong Kong or wherever the start up scene is buzzing at the moment. We will keep adding to this list and you can send us your fave words you want explained in Instagram!

Bounce Rate

If your bounce rate is high your visitors just aren’t cruisin’ around your site. You are probably losing them to Bored Panda or to those YouTube videos where people try to eat their own weight in tacos. You might want to consider adding more animal or taco related content to your site to keep folks clickity-clicking on and on and on.


What is it with tech people and all these ridiculous abbreviations? How the heck are you supposed to keep up with these? Anyway: CTA is a call to action for your user. It is what get’s ‘em moving and spending their cash when it works. CTR on the other hand is the number of peeps excitable enough to click your link. So make your links epic!


They are leaving! THIS IS TOO SAD! Customer churn is when your user, customer (maybe you could even call them friends) leave your service for good, end their membership, close their account… Basically do all those horrible things you have been fearing since you started. There is no way sugar coating this. It is going to happen and it will make your heart bleed.


Wow, these guys really really really like your service. Your daily active users are the peeps popping in every single day. Your service has become as important to them as their morning coffee, personal electric tooth brush or those comfy pants they get into every day after work. If you got lots and lots of these fellas you are on your way to tech success for sure.


(Order) fulfillment! No feeling better than that, am I right? It is that great feeling of your e-commerce guy being able to deliver your goods to your very arms without a hassle. If YOU are the e-commerce guy it is that great feeling you get when you actually manage to sort the palaver of selling a thing to someone online.    


GUI, also known as Graphical User Interface is basically just how clickable your interface is. Are your buttons shiny? Are your icons cute? Is your visitor clicking around in ecstasy? If yes, your GUI is in check.

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