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Rushing online: How Covid-19 showed up in Posti’s delivery data

Changing Behaviour

This spring we have certainly gone online. For many, it has resembled a lone link to the society. Online, we’ve met our friends, colleagues and clients, seen and heard our favourite artists play and celebrated our important milestones. It is also online where we have turned to, when shopping malls and brick and mortar stores closed their doors. Let’s have a look at how the rapid growth of ecommerce shows in Posti’s delivery data in the notorious spring of 2020.

We compared our numbers from February, when everyday life was still running smoothly, to April, when Finland had already been on lockdown for a good while. In April, there was a total increase of 42 % in the amount of parcels delivered by Posti. When comparing the different delivery options, the biggest growth can be seen in post office deliveries. But note: this doesn’t necessarily mean that in these exceptional times people would favor post office deliveries more than “normally”. Rather, it could signal the sudden vast amount of online orders that got our parcel lockers crowded.

Now we’ll let you delve into the data in peace, have fun!

1. Stay home, deliver home

Social distancing and the encouragement to stay home and avoid contact, naturally led to an increase in parcels delivered to home. With people in doors and many webstores offering free home deliveries, our data tell us that home deliveries grew 25%!

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2. Popularity of parcel lockers spills over to post offices

Surprisingly, our post offices saw 81% increase in volume when comparin February and April. But it might not be that people all of a sudden prefer waiting in line to get their parcel but just a sign that our parcel locker network was working overcapacity. If our parcel lockers are full, parcel are redirected to post offices and partner locations. With volumes reaching the size of biggest ecommerce season, this can unfortunately happen.

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3. Parcel lockers fill up

Naturally, the more people shopped online, the more parcels our lockers saw. In fact, the shipments to parcel lockers grew 25%! That is a big change in a short amount of time. Thankfully, more parcel lockers are constantly popping up to help with the overflooding and to help with people's everyday convenience.

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Only time will tell if the pandemic has moved people towards ecommerce for good or will the numbers even out. Keep on following what happens with us! And in the meanwhile, if you want to crunch numbers or work with us in taking Posti to the next level, remember to check out our open positions!

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