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Posti: The Best-Known Secret in Finland?

Changing Behaviour

Written by Anna Piela

A new colleague recently told me that people say Posti is the best-known secret in Finland. Secret? How can a company that touches millions of lives daily be a secret? Call it is my selective mind but every time I leave my house, I see our trucks, our delivery personnel, our parcel lockers, and mailboxes everywhere. Our logo is is in every street corner and sometimes our orange logo makes people see red. We are far from being a secret. 

However, when you look at what happens between the moment you place your order online and the parcel being delivered to you, you realize that there are a lot of secrets to uncover. At least there was for me. I have been with Posti for 10 months now – still a newbie – and I think I have only scratched the surface of the complexities of the logistics world and e-commerce reality. Every day I am astonished of how big the volumes are, how much stuff is moved from one place to another, how many systems need to be developed, and how many consumer touchpoints need to be considered and with how many different customer groups. The complexity, the meaningfulness of Posti’s work, and our transformation as a whole are mysteries that need unraveling.

Our transformation is visible in our everyday

Before I joined Posti, I was aware on a surface level that Posti is changing; letters shift to parcels. Since becoming more familiar with what goes on at Posti, I have also been more mindful of the things that I do in my personal life that fuel the need for change in postal services around the world. Could I be the reason Posti is not work the way it used to? 

I am a relatively normal (some may disagree) 27-year-old and for the most of my life, I've communicated via digital channels. I can send messages to my friends anywhere in the world anytime and hear back from them right away. Instead of being constrained by the schedule of the mail man, my world is limited by the speed of my internet connection. The reality is that I get 99% of my messages via digital means: social media, email, instant messages, FaceTime, online bank or OmaPosti. I read the daily news online or in social media, and postcards have become photos posted on Instagram. For me letters and cards are a luxury and I probably would not even notice if my mail was not on time.

Instead what I do get delivered is almost everything else. When it comes to shopping, the world is my oyster and the sofa is my comfortable base. I can get my fridge filled with the food I need for my weekly meals in a couple of clicks, and recycle my unwanted items for the next user via online marketplaces. With this lifestyle and in the era of Spotify or Uber, I have learned to expect smooth service experience and easy-to-use digital experiences in everything. 

And I am not alone. Behavioral changes and the service level expectation, which rise as technology advances, are couple of the driving forces behind Posti’s transformation.

Posti Next to unravel the mystery

As the world changes, so does Posti and this change is what Posti Next is about. In my 10 months of taking Posti to the next level, I've noticed change causes stir and confusion. To be frank, even sometimes I'm confused. I believe that this speaks to the complexities of the change we are going through: bits and pieces of this huge puzzle shift even daily - it's hard to keep track.

In some ways, Posti Next is a culmination of Posti’s change. No, it’s not a new version of Posti, it's not a threat, it’s not necessarily of a promise of a better future. But it could be. Posti Next is a mindset – a philosophy – that began with our need to develop our services with design thinking, with agile methodology, and with data. Posti Next is not a unit, it is not only the digital spearhead of Posti, it involves everyone in the company who want to break siloes, work in new ways, be transparent, innovate, learn continuously about the world, about Posti and about themselves. It is about experimenting and celebrating the successes and failures. Posti Next unites all the hopeful change agents that are willing to take the bold steps forward.  

With Posti Next, we not only want to talk about where we see the world going but also our own transformation in real terms. We want to talk about how much patience is needed when experimenting with agile end-to-end value stream with 16 different system needing development each thousands of parcels each hour. We want to give people a glimpse into how many lines of code is required to build an app for 370k active users. Or the everyday life at the office: how we develop our AI and data capabilities whilst fighting an old dishwasher that peeps annoyingly and disturbs the “peace” of our open office. Because these are the realities we solve when we speak of digital transformation. 

So, join us (or bear with us) as we go along our journey. As a personal pledge to our Posti Next community, I will try to open up the secrets of Posti to everyone as transparently as possible. Because in the world of uncertainty, understanding and learning is the only way forward.

Next level wishes,

Anna Piela

About the author

As the Producer of Posti Next, Anna Piela, is taking Posti to the next level. She builds new ways of working and thinking, brings the community together in events, and tells the story of the changing Posti, and is the guardian of the popular Posti Next hoodies.

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