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We all know that a lot of pre-Christmas shopping takes place online and that the time period prior Santa Claus’s visit is also high season for the parcel and package delivery business. But we bet you didn’t know just how immense the volumes of delivered packages are.

On an average week the Finnish Posti delivers about 740 000 packages a week. So 1 in 6 people get a parcel every week – and that is only Posti’s deliveries. A big number, right! But that is nothing in comparison to the weeks leading up to Christmas. Because in the peak weeks 1,1 million packages get delivered each week. Good will is great but it seems that we still want a little something under the tree as well. If all of the packages were delivered to one person in one day it would mean 127 presents every second! Enough to make a very happy Christmas.

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Now let’s put these numbers into perspective. 1,1 million packages a week equals about two packages delivered every single second! If we would assume that each parcel was a mere 20 cm long, the line of packages would be 220 km each week – that is more than the distance between Helsinki and Tampere!

When it comes to Christmas food, that is where the info gets really exciting. Posti delivers 20 million kilos of seasonal treats during the high season. Now Christmas is the time to be gluttonous, but surely this is a bit excessive. It is after all the same as 3,3 billion ginger bread cookies. Try to dunk that amount into your glögi!

Or maybe you are more inclined to be eating the Finnish classic sweet: a green jelly ball Vihreä Kuula? In that case 20 million kilos would be exactly 1 billion of these round sweets. That will definitely give you a sugar rush.

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