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Smart ecommerce

The modern marketplace is open 24/7. People want to order a wider variety of goods and services than ever before - and they want to get their orders faster than ever and right to their door. Our platform is the foundation for smarter ecommerce: a better experience for your customers, and easier and more efficient operations for your business.

Smart invoicing

An invoice is just an invoice, right? Actually, it can be much more. Our Smart Invoices create another channel for you to interact with your customers - from customer service enhancements to personalized and targeted marketing. And since the OmaPosti service works with invoices from across al channels, from paper to electronic billing, you'll reach your customer in the medium they prefer most. 

Hybrid marketing

You have your own marketing solutions in place with a high degree of automation. But you’re looking to use the richest, deepest data sets possible? We can create a customized solution that synchronizes between our platform & services and yours, so you can put the power of our data to use in your own solutions. Combine this with our offline services - like printed direct marketing - and you've got a powerful hybrid marketing solution.  

Data optimization services

Data is the new oil, but how well can your company put it to use? Our team can analyze your data setup, capabilities and models and recommend how to get more value out of your data. We can update your existing data sets and enrich your customer data with our most up-to-date and comprehensive resident data in the country. And we can visualize it and make it actionable.

Intent-driven targeting

Our targeting is so powerful because it goes beyond demographics and focuses on intent. We understand when people will move; our fleet captures environment data across the country 24/7, and we understand people’s behavior in different kinds of weather, locations, even traffic conditions. Soon, we will be able to help you understand more than what your customers have done, but what they intend to do in the future - and you’ll be better positioned for success. 

Hyper-targeted marketing

Combining demographics with behavior- and intention-based data is one of the clearest business advantages of digitalization. With our data-driven marketing services, we help you get your message through to the most specific consumer segments possible.